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Personal Injury Law FAQs

FAQs About Personal Injury Claims & Lawsuits

Q.¬†What is the first thing I should do after I’m injured to protect my rights?

A.¬†We know your first priority is to seek medical care — go to the hospital, go to your doctor, but seek medical care as soon after that accident as possible. Your next priority should be to call the personal injury attorneys at Maynard O’Connor. There may be deadlines involved in protecting your rights. You will need to know if a particular insurance will be available to cover your medical and hospital bills and we can guide you through that system to determine the correct coverage for you. If you have been injured — or if a family member has tragically died — as a result of any type of accidental injury, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are happy to speak with you over the telephone or in person, even if you believe you are partially at fault for your accident. ¬†You still may be entitled to compensation.

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Q. Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

A. Yes. The insurance company does not have your best interests at heart. They are not in the business of helping you. You may be contacted by phone by the insurance company, who wants only to settle your case. We urge you to call us, instead of speaking with a claims adjuster. What they may offer you will not be the real value of your case, but only a small percentage.

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Q. When should I get an attorney?

A. It is important to get an attorney immediately after an accident because of deadlines. We need to conduct an investigation and this needs to be done immediately, before critical information, evidence and witnesses are lost. Please do not wait to call us. We are ready to get to work right away.

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Q. How long will my case take?

A.¬†Every case has a life of its own, and it is difficult to predict how long your case will take. The length of a case depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the claims and injuries involved. We always stress that you should not settle your case too early.¬†Before your case can be resolved, we will investigate the cause of your accident and the full extent of your damages. We will work with your physicians and your other providers; obtain your complete medical records, so that we can assess the full extent of your injuries and how they will affect your life. Only then can we evaluate your case and establish a strategy to try to resolve it. ¬†We don’t rush to take the first offer the insurance company makes. We’re prepared to aggressively advocate for you and negotiate the highest settlement we can or try the case before a jury.

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Q. How much of my time is involved in pursuing my claim?

A.¬†Once you hire Maynard O’Connor, our personal injury attorneys and legal staff will work closely with you to pursue your claim. We will be in frequent contact with you to discuss your medical care and treatment. Your presence may be required at meetings, medical examinations, and court appearances. We will guide you through each part of the process and will provide you with regular updates to keep you advised on the status of your claim and to discuss our strategy. Through closely working together, we will effectively prosecute your case and obtain the highest amount that is possible.

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Q. How much is my personal injury case worth?

A. We know how to value your case. We do not want you to settle for a small percentage of what your case is truly worth. We take the time to study your medical records, and we meet with your physicians, surgeons and physical therapists to discuss how you are doing. We have tremendous knowledge of experts in many areas of medicine, as well as the technical requirements to handle your case successfully. As experienced attorneys, we know the full and real value of your case and will help you get the amount you deserve.

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Q. Can I recover money for pain and suffering?

A. Yes. We understand that your pain and suffering changes your life, your job and your relationships. We work hard to get to know you and understand your life and how your pain has changed every day of your life. Pain and suffering is only one component of your damages, in addition to payment of medical bills, loss of income as well as the loss of enjoyment of your life and your helplessness and distress. We know how to tell your story to jurors in court or to the insurance company to reach a settlement.

Q. Who will negotiate my settlement?

A. We pride ourselves on the important things. We work very closely with you and your family, your friends, witnesses, police and your physicians. Our team is hardworking and knowledgeable. The personal injury lawyers handling your case will negotiate your case with your input.  We are your strongest, toughest advocates. It is what we do, day in and day out. We will aggressively negotiate at mediation, over the phone, or during a trial. We are strong and skilled negotiators, having negotiated cases for over 94 years with tremendous success.

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Q. Should I settle? Will my case go to trial?

A.¬†The decision whether to settle or go to trial belongs to you. The attorneys at Maynard O’Connor have years of experience in negotiating personal injury settlements and trying cases, and will advise you whether a settlement offer is fair based upon the specifics of your case. Unlike many other firms, we take every case seriously, and if necessary, we are prepared to go to trial for you.¬†Insurance companies know our reputation for going the distance for our clients, and that results in higher settlements for our clients.

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